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Kamagra Original vs Kamagra Fake / Fals

Kamagra Original vs Kamagra Fake / Fals

The idea of this article is to answer a frequently received question and also to inform you how to avoid counterfeit products!

The question we get quite often is:

"Hello, why does product X cost you so much and it's so much cheaper on ad sites?"

Lets take an example:

Kamagra Gold 100 - here it costs 79 LEI

When searching on an ad site, it costs no more than 49 LEI.

Kamagra Original vs Kamagra Fake / Fals

At first glance, it's a very good price, isn't it?

We contacted several sellers on these types of ad sites and from each we bought a different product, let's see what each sells.

From one seller I bought Kamagra GOLD and from another, a Kamagra Oral Jelly. Obviously, I received a FALSE product from each seller.

Kamagra Gold 100 ORIGINAL vs Kamagra Gold 100 FAKE!

We'll compare the product we sell to the product we purchased from one of these ad sites.

Kamagra Original vs Kamagra Fake / Fals
Kamagra Original vs Kamagra Fake / Fals

As you can see, the original product has a stamped hologram with the manufacturer's name, namely "ajanta", and the fake one does not.

Likewise, the Kamagra logo (the gold one in the shape of a heart) is embossed / pressed (you can feel the denivations to the touch) in the box.

Let's see what it says on the back.

Kamagra Original vs Kamagra Fake / Fals

The original product is manufactured in INDIA, by the company Ajanta Pharma, not by Ranbaxy!

Indeed, Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited existed in INDIA, but was bought in 2014 by Sun Pharma (Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd, INDIA).

The Kamagra brand has not been manufactured or marketed by any company other than Ajanta Pharma!

Let's move on…

Kamagra Original vs Kamagra Fake / Fals

Let's observe together the differences between the ORIGINAL and the FALSE:

  1. the box opening is correct to the original one
  2. the opening of the box is inverse to the false one
  3. the pill blister has the product name and the Ajanta company logo written on the original one
  4. the blister has nothing inscribed on the fake one

Another difference I noticed in the leaflet.

  • on the fake one (right side) we notice that it says “Manufactured in India by: CHEMINNOVA PHARMACEUTICALS”, so a 3rd company appears that produces / sells it (you will immediately understand why I say the 3rd company)
  • to the original one (left side) at the end of the leaflet, it says that it is manufactured by Ajanta Pharma.
Kamagra Original vs Kamagra Fake / Fals

Let's see what the differences are on the blisters

Kamagra Original vs Kamagra Fake / Fals
  1. The expiration date is placed on the blister and has a holographic strip on which is inscribed the logo and name of the company ajanta pharma
  2. The expiration date is not written on the blister (it makes you look at the box) and there is no holographic tape.

In conclusion, the differences between Kamagra Gold Original and FALSE are very easily visible on this product.

The original:

  • it has a hologram and the gold logo is embossed
  • has an expiration date on both the box and the blister
  • it has a holographic band on the blister
  • correct box opening

The fake:

  • it has no hologram
  • it does not have an expiration date on the blister
  • it has 3 producers / collaborators, on the box it says that it is produced by Ranbaxy, on the blister it says that it is produced by Ajanta Pharma, and on the leaflet it says that it is produced by CHEMINNOVA PHARMACEUTICALS and sold by Ajanta Pharma.
  • incorrect box opening

Kamagra Jelly Original vs Kamagra Jelly FAKE

The design of Kamagra Jelly has changed several times over time, but it has always been different from the fake one. The latest design released in 2016 is the "New Easy Snap Pack".

Kamagra Oral Jelly - ORIGINAL 2014 / 2015 vs 2016
Kamagra Oral Jelly - ORIGINAL - our package! Left old design, right new design!

The difference between them is clearly the size, but also the envelopes have a new design, which we will see in the pictures below.

Kamagra Original vs Kamagra Fake / Fals

I have to admit, I've seen fakes in the past, which you noticed from a post, but this is an almost perfect fake.

The differences between the 2 are, the red stripe is missing on the fake one, which is present on the original one, and the volumes we sell are only Vol-I, not VOL IV.

Kamagra Original vs Kamagra Fake / Fals

The hologram, as you can see the original one (1) is stamped in the box, you can see the recess, and the fake one (2) is just glued.

Kamagra Original vs Kamagra Fake / Fals

Here we clearly have a MAJOR difference:

The original one was manufactured in 2016 and expires in 2019, that means 3 years warranty

The fake one was manufactured in 2015 and expires in 2020, that means 5 years warranty… and besides that, the box was reprinted with the expiration date.

Un produs ca si Kamagra Oral Jelly, are 3 (maxim 4) ani termen de valabilitate, iar pastilele au 4 ani termeni de valabilitate.

Kamagra Original vs Kamagra Fake / Fals

We meet again, the opening of the boxes as in the pills.

  • the original one (1) is correct
  • the false one (2) is inverse.
Kamagra Original vs Kamagra Fake / Fals

Apart from the expiration date, we also notice on the fake product (right), the positioning of the print is not correct, namely the navy blue text "KAMAGRA", we notice how it "jumps" on the ribbed side.

On the 2015 model, the printed text was nicely placed, you didn't find these "defects".

In conclusion, the differences between Kamagra Oral Jelly Original and FALSE were more difficult to see on this product (if we take into account the 2014/2015 model), but they do exist.

The original:

  • expiration date 3 years
  • stamped hologram
  • quality print
  • red stripe
  • design 2016

The fake:

  • expiration date 5 years
  • glued hologram only
  • poor quality print and not positioned properly.
  • cheap cardboard

What do you choose now? A cheap and fake product or a quality one?

We at KamagraSex.eu, sell only quality and original products and this can be seen through the positive comments we receive from customers at (almost) every product displayed on our site